Bindslev Next Step

Welcome to Bindslev a/s

Bindslev is a strategy and innovation consultancy. We believe that those who are the best for the world become the world's best.

Why does your business exist?

And will you be needed tomorrow? Winner businesses are based on everyone involved seeing and sharing the same purpose.

Support and backing from employees, clients and citizens does not come from five-mile long power point presentations and creative processes with thousands of post-its.

If you want to move quickly from strategy to action, you need to define a simple target and involvie all relevant stakeholders as soon as possible.

We call it a next step programme, and the product is a plan of action: It includes a simple description of the target you want to reach, and pans out what tools and activities are needed to get there.

Bindslev delivers the unique plan of action, and supports the implementation of the first activities. The collaboration with Bindslev ensures that you have a clear answer to how you can increase profits or reduce expenses with better services and products.

Be the best for the world and become the world's best

  • All crises await original solutions. Big problems are the best innovation motors. New growth in business and improved welfare come from making local improvements that cover global needs.
  • New energy, new health, new education, new eldercare, clean water for everyone everywhere. Feel free to continue the list of problems that need solutions, and that cannot be solved by one stakeholder or sector alone.
  • Bindslev is a team of ambitious realists. We have created financial benefits for private and public institutions through targeted innovation that spawns concrete improvement in the lives of citizens and clients.