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Welcome to Bindslev a/s

We are advisors who turn strategies into new actions. We deliver strategic advice on how our clients' strengths and positions can create new benefits for their businesses as well as other stakeholders in society.

We want our clients' and their ventures to grow, creating new benefits in the daily lives of customers, members, shareholders and citizens. Our methods ensure thorough involvement and broad ownership to the solutions and changes that are developed under our lead. We secure stable, honest and direct communication to and with all relevant stakeholders.

Our clients are primarily leaders in the top management of companies, public institutions, ministries, municipalities and industry organisations. With us, you always get a tailored process and a product that is sure to fit your need. Our goal is to find the shortest possible path between the talk and the walk; making sure the goal of our engagement is met, keeping the new knowledge and relations with the client and making ourselves superfluous.

Our methods ensure that strategies are executed faster than if we were not involved, at a lesser expense and with greater visibility and recognition by the people that matter. You can see what we mean under cases, and also what we're up to right now.

We are advisors who focus on finding and leading the necessary actions. We want our clients and partners to be able to use the societal challenges that affect us all as a forte and opportunity, and not perceive them as mere obstacles. We know from experience that all companies and organisations have enormous hidden resources that can be mobilised if the people in charge insist on finding the joint, shared purpose that can help everyone involved reap new benefits.